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Student Health
We provide Student physical exams for school and college including sports physicals.

Traveler Health
Being sick is never easy, and experiencing illness when far from home is even more stressful. We bring comprehensive and convenient medical care to travelers in their hotel rooms or wherever they reside when visiting. Our services are reassuring to travelers because we are far less hurried than other medical providers. We take the time to communicate thoroughly so that questions are answered and patients understand their situations and options thoroughly. We utilize professional language translation services for over 170 languages when needed. We maintain easy telephone access for patients after the initial visit so patients do not need to worry when problems or questions arise. Since visitors do not usually have rapid access to care by local physicians, they are often faced with the dilemma of having to seek care in hospital emergency departments. We offer a more affordable alternative for those requiring immediate care. We accept most traveler insurances with prior authorization.

Corporate Medical Services
We offer immediate walk-in care and routine medical services for the workplace. We can evaluate and treat business persons and other professionals in their offices and elsewhere. We offer group vaccinations or physical exams with volume discounts. We provide large group and special event medical standby services. Event organizers-we can provide a physician standby service for your next festival, concert performance or other event.

Medical Clearance and Travel, School or Work Release Authorizations
Need medical clearance to fly, or return to work? Need it fast? We can respond, usually within hours, for these services. Travelers with ear infections and many other maladies may benefit from pre-flight evaluation in many instances. We provide forms or we will complete patient provided forms when requested.

Home Health, Skilled Nursing, Hospice Care
We work collaboratively with ancillary services to optimize patient care in the home setting. Upon request we can provide physician oversight for these services and provide the documentation requirements to facilitate Medicare coverage of services where appropriate (home health certification).

Physician’s Report for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE)
We offer rapid turnaround for Physician’s Report for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly. These services are available throughout the Eastern North Carolina Area.

Patient Follow-up after Hospitalization or Procedures
Our house call physicians/providers offer immediate, weekend or afterhours reassessment for many medical and surgical conditions. In some cases we may provide around-the-clock medication or IV infusions, catheter care or removal, wound rechecks, dressing changes and more.

Physical Examinations
We offer physical examinations for most purposes including school, sports, work and other medical clearance. Need a quick fit-to-fly authorization? Our services are available same day. Schools: are your student sports physical forms slow to be turned in? Consider our on-site services to streamline the process. We come to your school, you line ‘em up. The job is completed quickly and conveniently for all. We offer these services discounted for volume. Busy parents may welcome this easy solution. We also offer Department of Transportation Commercial Driver Fitness Medical Certificates (DOT exams).

Communication with your Doctor
For patients that see other providers and that will require follow-up with their primary provider or specialist, we will communicate directly them to help optimize your care.

Patient Medical Advocacy
Many patients find that navigating their way through the hospitalization experience can be overwhelming. Some, unfortunately, remain confused about their healthcare strategy despite repeated attempts to query their doctors. We occasionally receive requests to help facilitate communication between patients, their families and medical providers.

Hospital Admission and Specialty Care Referral
We refer patients for specialty care when appropriate. We also can help facilitate the hospital admissions process for our patients.

Complementary Healthcare
We collaborate with complementary and alternative health providers to help optimize our patient’s care.

We utilize professional medical telephone translation services when needed. Translation services are available for 170+ languages.

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