Medical Weight Loss

Safe and effective weight loss strategies with the use of FDA approved medications and nutritional and exercise counseling to help optimize your weight loss success. Each patient will have an individually tailored program depending on each person’s unique needs and circumstances.

The first step to Choose 2 Lose is to make an appointment at our office to get your labs drawn.

The next step is, on the day of your lab draw, make your first appointment with the medical provider to discuss your weight loss goals. your medical history, current medications, and your lab results. Together with your medical provider you will decide which treatment option is right for you. Plan to spend approximately one hour your first visit.

Obesity is Hard. Weight Loss is hard. Choose your Hard.

We are here to give you all the help you need to succeed. This time, don’t go it alone. Let us help you and set you up for success!

Choose 2 Loose Medical Weight Loss Package Forms

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