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The eVisit App

Want to do your next doctor’s appointment without the wait, the time off work, or the commute to our office? Schedule an online, video visit with us via eVisit! Skip the wait and get treatment from home, work, or really anywhere. A face-to-face visit with us is just a few clicks away. Interested in learning how it works?

Create your eVisit account today and do your next appointment online!  


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Here’s how to get started on a desktop or laptop:

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Download and utilize either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to receive treatment via eVisit.

Q: What is eVisit app?

The eVisit app lets you connect with Dr. Lynch through easy-to-use, high-resolution, secure 2-way video
conferencing for quick, convenient treatment.

Q: Why do patients use eVisit?
Q: How can my Dr. Lynch treat me without a physical exam?
Q: How does eVisit work?
Q: Can Dr. Lynch prescribe medication?
Q: What is eVisit app?
Q: Can eVisit be used for medical emergencies?
Q: Is my medical information secure?
Q: Do I need any special equipment to use the eVisit app?
Q: I’m not very tech-savvy. Is eVisit still for me?
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